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Joelle Benvenuto is a Belgian-Italian designer. Born in Brussels, she studied photography and video editing and worked in the digital industry for 30 years. She spent the last 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, where she works as a user experience professional for big high-tech companies. In 2019, her aspiration for modern fashion, minimalist lines, and comfortable design pushed her to launch her brand “FuturisNow” and to develop the LINEA collection. 


The collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches aims to complete simplistic and minimalist outfits by creating an accentuation of the silhouette’s lines using geometric shapes and bright contrasting colors.


They are composed of galvanized wires, metal balls, nylon cords, and silver, oxidized brass, or platinum gold fixtures and allow for personalization. With an extended range of colors and shapes, she invites the viewer to engage in a creative process and makes it a reality. You can contact her and start a creative partnership with her to design your own piece. 



Futuris Now is an invitation to step into the future with an open mind, a positive and colorful energy, and an adaptive playful mentality.

We either hope for a better future to come, or we are afraid of the changes it will bring. We are scared to adapt, simply because adaptation can be painful. But if you open your mind to accepting changes and embracing it, you can actually have an effect on it.

My jewelry line is like a language that you are wearing. it says it all, it reflects your positive fearless and adaptative attitude toward the changes. We will all need to embrace deep changes coming forward. 

FuturisNow is also a reaction to fast fashion, where instead of buying trending accessories, you get attached to something you created that will remain unique for a long time.


My inspiration is coming from a range of elements, starting from my lovely Eichler house architecture and Mid-century furniture style. Jewelry has always evolved with centuries and I wanted to mark it by creating something geometrical, modern, balanced, minimalist, but also fun, bold, casual, unconventional, and sturdy.

Mission statement

To elevate jewelry to a unique form of wearable Art and provide a playful and creative outlet for all. 


In order to minimize my production waste, I optimized my process, my material, and where I buy it from.


Limiting the number of scraps by precisely measuring what is needed to make a piece, and repurposing the scraps to make earrings and rings.

Recycling most of the remaining waste, the metal steel wire, as well as the nylon scraps, are both recycled as metal and plastic waste.


All my paracord and titanium ball chains are made in America and shipped from the west coast. I also work with 2 refillable lighters and torches. 

I have 100% compostable packaging and recycled paper-padded envelopes that are also fully compostable. (No plastic bubbles)

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