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Very happy to announce that I have been published in Canvas Rebel, an online blog highlighting the journey of artists and small business owners. Their motto:

"Your story matters. Your viewpoint and insights matter."

In our view, there is far too much coverage of the trends that ivory tower professors and billionaire fund managers are seeing. What’s the edge in hearing the billionaire consensus view over and over again?

The small business owners, artists, and creatives in our communities are brilliant and deserve more coverage, more platforms, and more opportunities to share their stories and insights and we’re excited to play a small role in getting those insights out into the world through our CanvasRebel features. Continue reading...




I'm grateful to be part of The Jewelry Drops project publication from the Milan Jewelry Week event this year. This magazine will feature lots of immersive young jewelry artists and will be distributed to 44,000 contacts worldwide. Check out the half page about FuturisNow (pg. 28), you can read about my work as a jewelry artist as well as my 2 best seller pieces, Linea 5 and Linea 24.

Magazine | November 30, 2021 

Jeweler Is Inspired by Her Eichler Home

What a nice surprise it was to meet Dave Weinstein! We meet at home and talk about how and when we acquired our Eichler House. He is passionate by Eichler houses, not only the historical side of it but also their particularities in today's Californian architectural landscape. Check it out. 

BLOG | OCTOBER 27, 2021 - 2:38PM

Eichler Network and Futurisnow
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 4.06.51 PM.png

WWW.OVERJEWELS.COM Ecommerce website

I'm delighted to participate into OVERJEWELS project as an emerging artist. This is organized by Prodes Italia who also organized the Milan Jewelry Week.


It is an innovative and transversal initiative, consisting of a social commerce linked to an important publishing project, an extract of the most relevant news and excellence on the International Jewelry Landscape.

An authoritative magazine that is distributed to a highly selected audience in over 500 countries and with a circulation of 15,000 copies. 

Futurisnow necklaces Linea 5 and Linea 24 will be featured in December 2021. 

FuturisNow Necklace Linea 5 mentioned on

My Obsession With Prue Leith’s Necklaces Led Me Down the Etsy Rabbit Hole

Until the “Great British Bake Off” host launches her own line of necklaces, we have Etsy

by Erin DeJesus  Sep 27, 2019, 9:35am EDT


"My fixation with Leith’s taste in necklaces, which has been on full display in her role as a judge on The Great British Baking Show, is well-known. And I’m not the only one. U.K. media has named Leith a bona fide style icon (her necklaces, people have noticed, often match her statement spectacles, and her tunics and fitted jackets tend toward bright pops of color). The look is in such high demand that rumors at the end of 2018 suggested that Leith might design her own necklace line. ."

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